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Maverick charter fishing operator, Isimangaliso wetland park, St Lucia
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Flicksticking, "Light Tackle Gamefishing"

Flick sticking is a term describing a unique hands-on way of fishing, using the latest technology in spinning tackle. Hi-end spinning reels spooled with the latest in super lines such as fire line, dyneema and other forms of braided lines. The rods we use are state of the art graphite rods, in various actions and lengths, depending on the application. There are three distinct categories that are employed.

1. Drop shot fishing:

This method is well known among most anglers and is basically fishing soft baits of various types with jig heads. First step is to drop these soft rubber fish replicas down to the bottom and working them to the surface to best resemble a baitfish.The drop shot can also be cast and pulled along the surface. There are endless varieties of realistic and even scented soft baits that are available throughout South Africa. Minnows, Jerk shads, Flukes etc.

2. Plugging. (Casting poppers and working them on the surface.)

Different designs like chisel nose, concave nose and many other forms of plugs are used. This is a very effective method for fish like dorado and tuna. It is very rewarding watching your plug being smashed on the surface by a hungry game fish, with the fish often breaking the water on the strike. Due to us using braided line that don’t have any stretch the directness of these fish taking your lure close to the boat is an amazing thrill. Plugging is a bit technical at first to master, but it is well worth the effort. These techniques come from bass fishing, "walk the dog” Is a very effective method. Various colours for different light conditions such as : pearl-redhead, Toffee-apple, combinations of silver and blue, silver, gold and green etc.

3. Spinning: (casting spoons and stick baits and retrieving them at high speed)

This method is very effective when the fish are holding on the surface and is easily spooked. Long casts are then needed to get in the strike zone. We prefer this method  during the winter months when the natal snoek (local name, referring to a queen mackerel - not related to cape snoek) are very close inshore and fishing close to the surf zone is a problem (long casts gets your lure in the target zone without endangering the boat). All game fish can be caught on this method. We have had success with Yellowfin tuna, Blacktip Kingies, GT's, Dorado, Bigeye Kingies, Snoek, Couta, Bonito, Skipjack, Garrick and Queenfish.

These fishing methods are for the advanced angler and is specialised. Tackle and gear is very expensive and highly specialised.

Most advanced anglers have there own tackle and lures that they bring with but if you are not sure of the equipment you need there is the option of renting rods. Deposits are payable for an entrance level lure pack designed for the season and conditions. The lure’s you loose will be taken off your deposit which is great as you have all the options with very little ex pence. The right  conditions for this type of fishing is very important. This is the secret to being successful with this specialised way of fishing.....Conditions like Frontal systems "low pressure" water temp, current strength and water visibility are crucial. It's the culmination of quite a few things that bring success, so it is best that when you book charter, plan to have more than 1 day available, everyday is not a game fish day. We can then choose the best conditions. Tackle for this type of fishing is also available for purchase at competitive prices for your convenience.