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Maverick charter fishing operator, Isimangaliso wetland park, St Lucia
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The alarm sounds at 03:00, it's game time. Vivid dreams of bill fish breaking the surface are still stuck in my head as I start to prepare for another adventure. As the sun rises across the still sea, I let out the first few lines - we are hunting coveted trophy game fish.

We have just sat back to enjoy the view when the sound of a screaming reel breaks the silence and the game is on!

My name is Johan, and fishing is my passion, I'm one of the lucky few who gets to call fishing work.

With Maverick Fishing Charters, realising your fishing dreams, is our our goal. Whether you are an experienced angler or just looking for a fishing adventure, you are sure to find fun and fish with us.

I have been fishing for 15 years in the St Lucia area, and know how to find the hidden treasures of the deep.  I have spent hours researching fish species, it's my passion to learn more about their behaviour, feeding patterns and habitat.  I have tried and tested fishing tackle, lures and techniques and have developed successful hunting methods.

It's so rewarding when you are out to get a specific fish and a little while later its hanging on the end of your line.  Knowledge really is power, in the fishing game, and I have the knowledge you need to land the fish you are after.  My passion is to share my knowledge with my clients, and my heart is to teach you what I have come to know.  I can be your fishing coach as you enjoy the charter experience.  I find it so rewarding watching my clients catch the fish they are after, it's just as good as catching it myself.

I look forward to hosting you and sharing my love and passion for the sea and fishing with you. Contact me and we will tailor make a trip for you. Maverick, making real fishing dreams one at a time.